Internal star slim wheel Tuner bolts including new longer lengths


Slim fitment 19mm diameter 10 point internal star drive wheel bolts, for modern slim fit alloy wheels. Adapter sold seperately.Click on picture for more information.


Price: £1.50 Quantity:

Choose from list of threads for correct fit, when ordering.

See wheel bolt start page for thread guide.

Note the 12mm 1.5 comes in both 26mm and 28mm length, and new longer lengths for spacer options. so check length required before placing order.


Longer length versions available now, note the 12mm 1.5, 40,45 and 50mm long are more expensive at £2.00 per bolt and the 50mm 1.25 thread are £2.26 each.

We can now offer 14mm 1.5 thread with longer lengths, available with a 20mm or 23mm head diameter. See list for details and price.

New to list is the 14mm 1.25 thread (BMW Mini 2007 onwards) in standard 28mm length and a longer 50mm length. Note these are a more expensive bolt.

A star style adapter is required to fit and remove these bolts, order seperately if required.


Please note when ordering bolts longer than 40mm for overseas delivery,please limit orders to maximum of 20 bolts per order due to weight.


See spline type bolts below for 40mm long options.


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